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New Litter Fay Fay and Spot

      Announcing the birth of a litter of baby rats.  Both Dumbo top Eared!

This November 8th, 2017, Fay Fay and Fluffy, the proud mamma and daddy rats, welcomed a newborn litter of baby Dumbo and Top eared rats into the world!

Although it is hard to be certain yet about colors, from what we can see there are a number of black and gray hooded babies, and some of them have distinct blazes like their daddy and grandma (Peaches, Fay Fay’s Dumbo mom.)  Because Fay Fay is only half Dumbo, we expect that the litter will be mixed Dumbo and Top Earned rats.

Here is Fay Fay taking care of her newborn babies

Poor Fay Fay really needs a rest!

As you can see, there is only the barest hint of coloration in these babies.  That is normal at this age, as their color is mostly coming from their hair so you can only see the barest hint of hoods, caps and blazes in these babies.  It is also difficult to distinguish sex at this age, but it is possible to recognize which ones will be Dumbo (providing you can get a good look at their little ears!)  As expected, about half are Dumbo.

Fay Fay is a lovely, young Top Eared rats, with a Siamese Top Eared father and a Gray Capped and blazed Dumbo eared mother.  She is bold, adventurous and intelligent and so far is proving to be an excellent and attentive mom.

And here is Dumbo rat daddy Fluffy and his daughter from a previous marriage, spot.  Both Spot and Fluffy are sweet, friendly, outgoing and gentle Dumbos.  Fluffy’s great disposition and attractive coloration has tended to be passed onto most of his offspring, which is why we have used him to sire several of our litters.

The babies might not look like spot, as Spot’s mom, Minnie, was also gray and white.  However, black capped with blazing will also be a lovely color combination, fingers crossed!