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Two pregnant girls…and I’m the father!

OK, I admit it: I’m just a little bit anxious.

Why?  Well, it’s not every day that a daddy rat is expecting 2 litters of cute, adorable little dumbo babies.  Literally any minute.

My human friend keeps telling me “Don’t worry, and stop watching the clock.   It’s perfectly natural and they’ll be here before you know it.”

I know he’s right, but still…can you blame me?  I mean, look at these two lovely ladies!

That’s Walnut and Spot.  Have you ever seen anyone that sweet in your life (besides me, of course?)  Have a look for yourself:

Here’s Spot now, and when she was a baby:

And here’s Walnut now and as a baby:

And it’s obvious where they get their good looks from.  Here’s their mom, Minnie, when she was pregnant (you can hardly tell, huh?)

And here’s big daddy, Fluffy:

By the way, did you know that rat mommies have about 8-10 babies in each litter?  And, I’m proud to say that mine will all be Dumbo, and they will mostly be bareback capped and hooded, and a few full hooded and Berkshires.  Most will be variegated, like their moms, so they will be split capped and spotted.  And, most will likely be Agouti colored, like us, but maybe a few blacks and even the odd Siamese depending on if one or both of the girls and I are hiding the recessive genes or not.

“Recessive genes”…yeah, those are pretty big words for a rat, huh?

Anyway, my human friend is accepting reservations for $5 per baby, for up to 10 babies.  People who have reserved are guaranteed to have first pick before we make them available to others without a reservation.  There should be enough babies for everyone who reserves one, and our human friend will try to accommodate your wishes about color, markings and sex, subject to availability. Just to let you know, in the past there has always been many more people wanting to adopt our babies than there were babies to adopt, so reserving a baby in advance is the best way to avoid disappointment.  But, if you do chose to wait until later, please make arrangements to visit 5-6 weeks after the births, so you will have the best chance to get a baby.

News flash: this afternoon, at about 4PM, Spot has started giving birth.  Stay tuned!

News flash: last night, Walnut also gave birth.  So far, both litters seem healthy and the moms are in excellent spirits!