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Two new litters on the way! – Update: Minnie has given birth!

Hi everybody, Rudy here!  Guess what?  Melon and I are gonna be daddies!

And our babies are going to be really special.  How do I know?  Because their mommies are absolutely wonderful.

Let me tell you first about my babies’ mommy, Minnie.

As some of you may know, Minnie is the proud mother of several of our best friends: Spot, Walnut, Patches and CeeCee.  Both she, and her babies have outstanding personalities.  In fact, she is such a lovely girl that our human friends often keep her with them in the living room, relaxing in a custom rattie bed, just to have her around.   But I’m not jealous, because I know they love me too.

Giving birth any day now…

Yes, I’m talking about you, silly!

Minnie busy storing nuts in her little house in preparation for her upcoming birth!

Oh, and here I am: Rudy, the adorable young buck, full of life, fun and playfulness.  I’m also very modest.  I just love licking my human’s fingers whenever I get the chance.  And I think they kind of like it, too!

That’s me, ready to play!

The other rat mommie is CeeCee, who is the BFF of our human family’s girl (I think her name is “meow squeak” or something like that…)  CeeCee just loves sitting on the sofa watching TV with her human friend.  Yes, rats watch TV!  Do you doubt me?


What’s wrong, CeeCee?  Does something smell funny?

Movie of CeeCee playing with her human friends

Oh, and last but not least, here’s my good buddy, Melon.  He’s one of the gentlest, sweetest boys you’ll ever meet.  A match made in heaven for our darling CeeCee!  But, somehow, he always manages to look like a goofball in all his photos…go figure!

Yeah, those whiskers do kind of need a trim, huh?

As of today, Minnie is due any day (correction, she just gave birth on 2/19/2018!), and CeeCee is about 1 week away from giving birth.  And you just know they are going to be really cute!

So, if you want to adopt some baby ratties, you should contact our human friend ASAP.  To reserve your babies, all you have to do is visit us, fill out a form and give our human a $5 deposit.  Then, after the babies are old enough to leave Minnie or CeeCee, you can take home the babies of your choice!  You can either email or phone us.  We are often having new baby Dumbo Ratties around here, so don’t hesitate to contact us!