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Minnie and CeeCee’s litter available March 23rd and 30th

Hi, everyone.  Rudy here!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been eagerly looking forward to hearing about my and Melon’s little darlings.

Well, I just had a word with our human friend, and here is the latest news:

First of all, Minnie and CeeCee are doing great.  And, yes, mother and daughter are still very close: in fact, I think I spied Minnie giving CeeCee some tips on motherhood this morning.

Oh, I know what you’re saying “how about the babies?”  Well, have a look!

Here are Minnie and My babies, at 2 weeks of age.  Eyes are not yet open, but I can already tell that a few of them will be Dumbo, just like their daddy…

And here they are at 3 weeks.  Their eyes can open and they can run around…except when they are sleeping, of course…

And, of course…

Here are CeeCee and Melon’s babies at 1 week.  You can just start to see their color and markings.

And here they are at 2 weeks.  Just about ready to open their eyes!

As you know, these little guys will be ready to leave their moms at 5 weeks of age.  Minnie’s on the 23rd and CeeCee’s on the 30th.  Which means that my human friend will start inviting their new adoptive moms and dads to make appointments to take them home in about 1 week.  Minnie and my babies will be available first, and some of them will be top eared like my darling Minnie, so if that is your preference you will probably want one of hers.  If you prefer a Dumbo, you will have both litters to choose from.  CeeCee’s litter will also be all black and white, while Minnie’s will be a mix of Agouti and white, black and white and some Siamese.

Because we are so cute and lovable, many humans have already reserved our babies.  After everyone with reservations have chosen their babies, there might be a few left over.  So, even if you haven’t already reserved one of our cuties, you might still have a chance to get one.  But, don’t worry too much, because my best friend Patches will have an announcement of his own to make about him and Noodle, so stay tuned!

Isn’t this exiting?  A big thanks to all of you who have waited patiently for our babies.  Just a few more weeks, and they will join you in their forever homes!

Best regards, Rudy