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Announcing upcoming new litter: Patches and Noodle available in just 8 weeks!

Hi everyone, Patches here!

As I’m sure most of you know, I am my human’s favorite little boy rattie.  And, I mean, it’s obvious why:  I’m clearly the cutest, friendliest, and smartest rat I know (and I know a lot of rats…there must be at least 4 other males rats in my cage, you know?)  And, of course, I’m the most attractive, with my lovely white strip down my nose.  Whenever my human friend opens the cage door, I’m always the first one running out ready to play, kissing him all over because…well, he’s my best friend, too!

It took a while, but he finally found a the right girl rattie for me, and that means I’m going to be a daddy.

Here she is: Noodle!

What’s your first impression looking at that face?  Yes, she really is a funny girl!  And cute, too.

She’s got looks and personality, just like me, and we are going to have some really special babies, I can tell you.

Oh boy!  My human friend found a bunch of my old baby photos that he insists that I share with you.  Wow, this is sooo embarrassing!

Look at this, I was just trying to sleep, and here he is pestering me.

I’m like “what’s going on here?”

I literally have no idea when he took this one.  I think I was playing hide and seek with my brothers and sisters or something…

If you want to adopt one of Noodle and my babies, then please make an appointment with my human friend to come visit us and make a reservation.

And, in just 8 weeks from now, you’ll have new little friends of your own!

Regards, Patches (and Noodle.)

P.S.  My human friend wanted me to tell you that he is available for appointments at our home in Irvine, M-F after 6PM and also weekend mornings.

You can email him.  Or call or text 949-232-9407