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Rats eating pizza on Pi day!

In this post, we answer the age old question: do rats also celebrate Pi day, just like humans?

To answer this question, I have enlisted the help of 3 groups of males and female rats.  I offered them them some Shakey’s pizza, and carefully recorded their responses.

First, the adult male rats: Patches, Rudy, Melon, Baldy and, of course, Little Bear.

I had high hopes for this group, and was surprised by their somewhat negative response to the Pizza and Mojos.

Nevermind, on to the next group.  Here, I offer some Shakey’s pizza to CeeCee and her (mostly) unseen babies.  She is a nursing mom, so I was hoping for a different response.  Let’s see what happens…

Now that was different!  So, yes, apparently a nursing mother rat will eat both Pizza and Mojos!

OK, on to our final test: how will a mother rat and her babies respond to Shakey’s pizza?  Let’s find out…

And there you have it: baby rats also like eating pizza on Pi day!  They apparently like it very much, in fact!

I have to admit, I was a bit surprised to find that the almost every rat I tested loves pizza except the adult males.  I struggle to explain this, except to note that this was mostly only the pizza crust: perhaps if the pizza had more toppings and/or cheese, the result would have been different?


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