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Orphaned Baby Wild Rat update

A lot of great things to report today!

At first, we were having trouble feeding our little rescued baby rat, but then we discovered that the dropper from a Japanese candy kit worked perfectly.

Also, we got a special heating pad which could maintain a perfect, constant temperature of 30 degrees celcius, made a safe and secure place for it on our sofa with an old shirt, and we learned how to wipe it’s behind to stimulate it to urinate and defecate.

Finally, we got some Mini-Miracle Nipples, which perfectly fit the baby rat’s little mouth, allowing it to suckle more or less naturally.

As you can see, our little girl (we think it is a girl!) is doing just great.  It is lively and alert, growing stronger every day.  We are very hopeful that it will survive and even start eating solid food in a few days (it already has little teeth!)  We are not yet sure if we will release it into the wild once it is big enough, because we need to be sure that it can survive on it’s own in the wild.  Perhaps we will keep it as a special pet.