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Spot and Rudy litter birth announcement

Hey, have you heard any news about Spot?

Last time I saw her, it looked like her babies were due any minute…

But that was days ago.

And I haven’t seen her since.

Can anybody tell me what’s going on?

Oh, Rudy, silly boy!

Everything is fine!  In fact, I’ve got some great news…

Yesterday, I had our little babies.  And they’re doing just fine.  I’m so happy!

And you know what else?  Our human friends are so happy for us, too.

Of course we are, Spot!  And so is all of your other friends out there who are reading this email.

Spot’s babies will be available for adoption for those of you with reservations starting May 24th.  If you haven’t yet got a reservation, you might still be able to reserve a baby from Spot’s litter: if not, then don’t worry, because Rakhee and Baldy will be having babies in a few weeks!

Best regards,

Your friends at OC Dumbos