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Update on noodle and patches babies

Hi Everybody, this is Noodle.

Do you remember the chat we had about 3 weeks ago?

I was about 3 weeks pregnant, had a really big belly, and I couldn’t wait for it to be over…and then, just like that…I was a mommy!

And they were really cute.

Pretty tiny at first.

But they grew so fast…

And they are still really cute, that’s for sure!


Can I be honest with you for a minute?

They are a real handful!

I mean, seriously, do these little guys ever stop eating?

It’s kind of exhausting….

Is there anything you folks can do to help a girl out?

We have great news for Noodle and all of her friends out there!  The babies are doing great and they will be ready for adoption right on schedule, starting May the 4th.  If you have a reservation, look forward to receiving your invitation to pick them up by this weekend!

Wow, that’s awesome!  Thank you everyone!  See you soon!



Newsflash: Yesterday, Spot gave birth to her litter.  More to follow!