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Announcing upcoming litter in 2 weeks – Rakhee and Baldy

I’ve known Rakhee almost her whole life.

She’s always been special.

Different, somehow…

I can never quite put my finger on it.

But there’s just something about her…

I just can’t figure it out!

OMG, are you serious?

It’s my EARS.  I’m a top eared rat, you big dummy!


Oh yeah, that it!

He’s cute, but he’s not very bright!

Can you at least tell everyone when our babies are due?

OK, Rakhee!  Hi everyone:

We are expecting our litter the second week of May.  So, if all goes as planned, our babies will be ready to adopt by June 16th!  And, remember, half of Rakhee’s babies will be Top Eared, like her: Dumbo Eared babies are $25 and Top Eared at only $20 per baby.

Unfortunately, this litter is all reserved, but you can still reserve babies from upcoming litters.

Hope to see you soon!

Baldy and Rakhee