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Baby rats love to play!

Hi everybody.

I bet you knew that baby rats love to play and have fun.  But, did you know that playing is necessary for their mental and physical development?

That’s why our human friends have our babies spend time in a special rattie playground, filled with fun and educational toys!

Places for climbing…

Where you can find out what your tail is for!

You can play Hide and Seek

And follow the leader.

Snuggle a stuffed toy…


Try a curious nibble.

Stretch your shoulders…

And your neck, too.

There’s a maze, of course.

At first, the babies are a little intimidated…

But pretty soon…

They get the hang of it.

By the end of playtime, they love it so much, they don’t even want to leave!

Watch them playing in the maze and with their other toys in this video!

Hey, this thing looks like fun!

Oh, oh…


You didn’t see that!

Hey kids, you want to play hide and seek!  Let me just get under this thing…uh, it’s kinda tight in here…

Mom!  OMG, you are embarrassing us!

*Sigh*  I guess this is all I’m good for.

Spot, enjoy them while you can.  We will start contacting people with reservations this Fridayto invite you to come and pick up your babies starting May 24th!