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Update on rescued baby rats – would you like to help?

Hi Everyone,Last week, I told you about some rescued baby rats that we were raising.

A lot has happened since then!

It turns out that wild baby rats raised without their moms are pretty naughty little escape artists!

Like this little fellow…

Yes, he certainly looks very cute (and he actually is, to be fair) but let me tell you, if you are trying to feed him with a syringe, and he gets impatient…well, he can really run pretty fast.  And he’s sneaky, tiny and very clever…in a ratty kind of way.

Yeah, you!

Before I knew it, he managed to get inside my reclining sofa, and it was a lot of “fun” getting him out of there.

Not fun for the sofa, unfortunately…well, there’s always Ikea…

Those of you who reserved wild babies from this litter received an email from me disclosing what a handful these babies are.  They are tame and friendly, but they are faster, sneakier and more “alert” than the babies we breed from domesticated parents.  I’m not sure how much of that is due to them not having a rattie mom to learn from, the fact that we need to handle them more and differently than we normally would at this age (all baby rats are pretty quick, but we usually don’t try to make them eat from a syringe), or their wild heritage.

I think it is a combination of all of the above.   They really do seem a bit quicker and jumpier, which would help them avoid cats and other predators in the wild, but isn’t helpful for them (or me) now.  Again, they are friendly and tame, but on their own terms.  And remarkably cute!

Yes, that isa cage meant for mice!

Some of you decided to wait for a domestic rat, and that’s OK.  That’s why we let you, so you could decide what is best for you.  But, we do still need to find homes for these little guys, because we cannot keep them all ourselves, and I am still not convinced they would survive if I released them (besides, where would I release them where they would have food and water, but not be a nuisance to others?)

So, if anyone would like a cute, but energetic and somewhat challenging little pet rat, please get in touch!

Also, if you do not wish to adopt one, but still want to do something to help me raise and re-home them, please visit my gofundme page, and consider making a donation.

Also, please tell your friends and relatives about our baby rat rescue efforts, link to us on Facebook, Twitter or anything you can to get the word out.  We really want to keep helping orphaned babies like these, and we so appreciate any help and support from our friends and fellow rat loves out there!

Penny, CeeCee, Spot, and I, and all of the other rats will thank you!