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Birth announcement: Noodle and Baldy!

Hey, Noodle, we are all so excited to hear about you and Baldy’s litter!

Wait…what did you say the father’s name was?

Did you say “Baldy?”  This is some kind of joke, right?

Yes, that’s right.  Baldy is the babies’ daddy!  Isn’t that wonderful?

OMG, I cannot bear to look…

Please, don’t let it be true…

Oh no!

They are all bald!

You know, to be honest with you, it’s hard not to feel insulted right now…

I’m going home!

Noodle, for your information, all rat babies are completely hairless at birth, regardless who the father (or mother) was.  And, besides, Baldy’s got plenty of hair the last time I checked!

Congratulations to the new mother and father.  Noodle’s babies were born June 24th, 2018, and will be ready to adopt by people who have reserved babies by the end of July!

Unfortunately, this litter is now fully reserved.  However, it is still possible to reserve babies for future litters.