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Little Orphaned Annie the rescued rat

Hi, I’m Lil’ Orphaned Annie!     

One day, my human friends took me for a ride, then they asked me to play a game of hide and seek in a field.

At least…I thoughtit was a game.

But…they didn’t look for me, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find them anymore.

And nothing looked or smelled familiar.

It was so scary!  And I got cold and hungry.  Fortunately, I found a place to hide where a lot of other humans had tasty food to eat.  And they sometimes shared it with me.

And then, one day, a human picked me up and put me in a cage.  And then I was taken inside a human’s home

I was scared at first, but he was nice to me, fed me, kept me warm, and even gave me something special to eat which made me feel better.

Even though all of these strange things happened to me, I knowthat humans are my friends.

I trust them and like being with them.   I think I can finally be safe and happy again.

Update: Annie was adopted by her forever friend July 7th, 2018!

Would you like to be the forever friend of a rescue rat like Annie?   Or do you know of a rat that needs rescuing?  We need yourhelp!

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