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Two male dumbo rescue rats need a forever home

Hi, I’m Balem…    

And I’m Absinthe!

We are two Siamese brothers, and we’ve been together our whole lives.

And, aside from his weird curly whiskers, I really love Absinthe.  I’ve had to live in a few different homes in my life…

all nine months of it.  And, so far, I’ve never really made any other friends besides my brother.

Yes, me neither.  We get scared, and sometimes…oh, this is so embarrassing, but we have even bitten people.  It’s bad, I know…and that’s why nobody ever wants to keep us very long…

But we do need a home.  I know we will be a challenge from someone to care for us and love us, but maybe you could try?

Guys, don’t worry.  I just know that there are people out there who are able to adopt and care for challenging rats like you.  Not every rat has been properly socialized, and some rats find it harder to make friends than others.  But every rat deserves a home and a chance to be someone’s friend.

The people who currently have Balem and Absinthe cannot take care of them anymore, so we need your help.  If you would like to give Balem and Absinthe a second chance by adopting them, please contact us either by email at or phone or text at 949-232-9407.

These rats will be a challenge, so please give this some thought, but if you feel that you are up to it, then we’d love to hear from you!    There will be a $10 rehoming fee for each boy to ensure that they go to a good home.  And we would like to keep them together, please!