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Wally the rescued baby Wood Rat

Last Wednesday, someone contacted us with an amazing story: while she was walking home, she discovered a tiny baby rat all by itsself on the sidewalk.  It’s eyes were still closed, but it was squeaking and moving around.

She brought it to us in a shoebox wrapped in soft towels to keep it warm.  It was weak, and clearly hadn’t eaten for a while…

But we could tell that it wanted to live, so we weren’t going to give up on it, either.

Oh, and “it” is a “he”  Clearly, our Wally is a little boy!

And look at that little face.  Isn’t he just adorable?  And if you look carefully, you will see that he’s not a Norway Rat.  He’s not even a Roof Rat.  In fact, he is a little baby Wood Rat, otherwise known as a “Pack Rat.”  Isn’t that just amazing?

And his little hands: so cute!  Our Wally really loves to eat.  He can already drink almost 2 ml of goat’s milk per feeding…and, by the way, we have to feed him every few hours.  And by “we”, I mean mostly “me.”

*Sigh*  But I love him.  He’s just the cutest little thing.  And I hope that our little Wally will be a member of this family for many years to come!

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