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Announcing Rakhee and Mojo’s litter

Hi, I’m Rakhee.  And I wanted to share this with you.

  I met someone special.

His name is Mojo.  He’s so handsome…

It was practically love at first sight.

And when he kissed me, I just knew…

It was so right.  You know?

How could things possibly be better than this?

Oh, well, there’s that!

That’s right, Rakhee, I think congratulations are in order for the proud Mama and Papa!

Rakhee and Mojo’s babies were born August 19th, 2018.  They will be ready to be adopted by people who already have reservations starting approximately September 22nd.  If you were assigned to Rakhee’s litter, you will receive an invitation to come pick out your babies one week before they are ready to take home.  If you have a reservation, and don’t receive an invitation for Rakhee’s litter, don’t worry, because CeeCee and Panda will also have babies available very soon!

Unfortunately, this litter is now fully reserved.  However, it is still possible to reserve babies for future litters.