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Announcing the birth of Penny and Curly’s babies

It’s tough to be a single mom.

My babies just keep getting bigger every day…

Look at how cute they are!

I know Curly would be very proud of them, too.

I still remember Curly…  He was so handsome, with his wavy hair.

We spent that wonderful day together, and they he left…

I’ve looked for him, but I never saw him again.

Dear Curly, I hope you are happy, wherever you are.

Penny, I’m sorry but Curly was adopted by another family, so he doesn’t live with us anymore.  But don’t worry, I’m sure he’s very happy in his new home.

Penny and Curly’s babies were born September 20th, 2018.  They will be ready to be adopted by people who already have reservations starting approximately October 25th.  If you were assigned to Penny’s litter, you will receive an invitation to come pick out your babies one week before they are ready to take home.  If you have a reservation, and don’t receive an invitation for Penny’s litter, don’t worry, because Noodle and Spot will also have babies available very soon!

Unfortunately, this litter is now fully reserved.  However, it is still possible to reserve babies for future litters.