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Rosie announces her litter with Max

Uh, hi, I’m Rosie.

OK, so here’s the thing. I met this guys named “Max.” He seemed sweet, so I invited him to my cage. I admit, I fell for the guy. I mean, come on…look at that face!

And he’s really athletic. He’s into soccer…

Amazing Head Shot, right?

But…OK, so I’ve heard some rumors that he might have been cheating on me. That he might even have another litter or two besides mine. Crazy, right? I mean, just look at our little darlings…

See little Max Junior on the top? Handsome, just like his daddy!

Have any of you heard anything? I know I’m probably just being silly…but if you did, you’d tell me, right? Thanks, everyone!

Rosie, Max Junior and the rest of your litter is absolutely adorable. I can’t think of anything to add besides that…I’m sure you folks agree with that, right?

Rosie and Max’s litter was born on March 9th.  They will be ready to be adopted by people who already have reservations on or after April 13th, 2019.  The moment we know what litter you will be assigned to, whether Rosie’s or any other litter in the future, you will immediately be sent an invitation to come pick out your babies. If we haven’t sent you an invitation yet, it’s because we don’t yet know which litter will be yours. Litter assignments occur about one week before they are ready to take home.  If you have a reservation, and don’t receive an invitation for Rosie’s litter, don’t worry, because Val, DotDash, Chica and NuNu will also have babies available very soon!

Unfortunately, this litter is now fully reserved.  However, it is still possible to reserve babies for future litters

And, while you are waiting, why not order a Handmade Hideaway or Hammock?

God I love this thing!