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CBD Oil gave Tommy the Roof Rat back his life

Hi, I’m Tommy. I was was rescued as a tiny baby. I’ve lived here almost my whole life.

People call me a “Roof Rat.” But, officially, I am a Rattus Rattus. Which means “Rat Rat.”

Yes, I’m so special, they named me twice: isn’t that funny?

A few months ago, I was so sick, I almost died. I almost couldn’t breath at all. My “Big Mom and Dad” were so worried, I could see them crying. They gave me medicine, and put me in a special place with a cloud that helped me breath.

And I lived. I didn’t die. But I wasn’t totally OK after that. It was so hard to breath, for such a long time…and then, the bad thing started to happen to me…

Every day, I could feel it. The bad thing was coming for me. And my eyes would get really big, and I tried to run, but I could never get away. Because the bad thing came from inside of me. And then…

My whole body would shake: I couldn’t control it! And I didn’t know where I was anymore, or what was happening to me! And afterwards, I would lay there, on the ground. I couldn’t eat. Move. I couldn’t even think. And it just kept getting worse and slowly, my life was leaving me….

But then.

My Daddy got something for me. I don’t know what this thing is. I cannot taste it or smell it.

I cannot chew on hard food anymore, but that’s OK. He mixes it in some special mashed food for me.

He makes it special, just for me.

It’s so tasty. Mealtime is my favorite time, now.

And that special stuff keeps the bad thing away. Sometimes, I feel it trying to sneak back here. And I get nervous and run in circles a little bit, but it can’t hurt me anymore. Not like it used to.

Daddy, I’m just a little rat. I know I won’t live forever. But I’m still here now. And every day with you and Mommy is a gift that we can enjoy together. Isn’t that wonderful?