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Woody the mystery Woodrat

Hi, I’m Woody!

I’m a mystery…even to myself! Mommy and Daddy keep telling me I’m a “Woodrat.”

But I know I’m their little baby. So, I must be a human, right?

Mommy, look at me! See, I’m standing, just like you! How can you possibly think I’m a “rat?”

OK, I’ll sit down for a while. But that doesn’t prove anything! I’m not a rat…I’m a kitty! Yeah, that’s what I am: see for yourself…

Oh, wait, maybe I’m a puppy? I think so…

Anyway, I was a little orphan, and Mommy and Daddy saved me and loved me. I know what I am: lucky!

Well, Woody, you certainly are “Lucky”, and we do think you are some kind of Woodrat, but we still don’t know what kind!

We’ll figure it out eventually. Stay tuned for future updates!