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Hand raised baby Roof Rats available for reservation

Roof rats aren’t like any “rats” you’ve likely ever experienced, and you won’t find them in any pet store. But, if properly bred and socialized, they can be really fun and entertaining little playmates.

We started with a few very tame individuals, and we’ve been selectively breeding them and hand feeding the litters to socialize them. This is a lot of work, but the results speak for themselves.

Here is a litter that we are currently socializing. Notice the dark color, lack of belly marking, straight coat type and larger size (their eyes just opened a few days ago.)

And here is a couple of individuals, Felix and Kitty, from a slightly older litter, which we have selected for future breeding. Notice that they are lighter colored, have white bellies, fluffier coats and distinctly more active and petite (although they are older.)

Want to know what Roof rat laughter sounds like? Towards the middle of the video, you can distinctly hear Kitty giggling like crazy while we play with her!

To be honest, we prefer tame, well socialized roof rats over Norway rats.

It is a lot of work breeding and socializing a pet quality roof rat, but the results are worth it. They virtually never bite, are adorably playful, nutty, funny and seem to live longer than Norway rats.

Should you wish to adopt baby roof rats (Rattus rattus), to our knowledge we are the only breeders that offer them. They are more like pint sized kitties, while Norway rats are more like puppies. Not a perfect analogy, but it gives you some idea what to expect. We can provide training and advice on their care and housing, and can you can purchase food, bedding and custom designed cages from us, or we can give you recommendations.

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