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What kind of “rat” is Woody? Answered!

Woody is a Big-eared Woodrat!

This was Woody. before:
And this is Woody today!

Sorry, but nobody guessed correctly (myself included!) In fact, it wasn’t until we got another Big-eared Woodrat that we were able to finally identify both of them!

And here’s Snoopy!

They look and act pretty similar, so we think they are the same species.  There’s only one major difference: Woody is a female, and Snoopy is a male.

Some of you are probably wondering: what is the difference between a Roof Rat and a Woodrat?

  • A woodrat’s coat is softer and fluffier, and seems to have a differently colored undercoat, so when you ruffle their fur, you see different colors.
  • Their shape is rounder, more like a long tailed hamster (although that may change as they mature.)
  • Their personality seems more bold and assertive.
  • They can run fast and jump well, but not as good at climbing.  They seem more horizontal than vertical.
  • They seem to prefer different foods than Norway and Roof rats (they don’t seem to like lab blocks much.)
  • They seem a bit more organized about decorating their living areas (they are pack rats, after all!)
  • They might be more intelligent.

Overall, these are really cool little critters! If you want to meet Woody and Snoopy in person, make an appointment to visit us!