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Amazing! Tame Roof Rats have facial markings, too!

Hi, friends, I’m Walter. Look at my face…

I’ll give you a clue: you have them, too. Here, look more closely…

See them? Eyebrows! Here’s one from another angle…

I know…it’s not like Earth Shattering or anything. Except–

Not all of us have them. When the boss started selecting only tame Roof Rats, like me, for breeding, the markings started showing up, too. In fact, here is my family…

Normally, the boss hand feeds a Roof rat litter from before their eyes were open, or they won’t be tame enough to be handled. But not us: we were almost weaned before we were taken from our parents, and we are all tame! Do you know what that means?

My friends, you are witnessing the start of a new, domesticated species of rat. And it only took a few generations, because we are all the descendants of the amazing Roofy.

The Roof rat who was born to wild parents, but never knew she was wild.

Her spirit will live on forever in all of us.

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God I love this thing!