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Misty and Melon learn about Woody’s tail

Melon, did you hear what happened to our friend Woody?

It’s been all over OC Dumbos’s Instagram account!

OMG, no! Misty, what happened?

Her tail got injured, and she had to have surgery to repair it!

Oh no, her poor tail! That’s so sad…

A rat’s tail is very important. Woody, what happened?

It happened at the vet’s office. The nurse was holding me, and I got scared and tried to escape, so my tail..the skin…oh, it’s really hard to talk about it.

Woody, I’m so sorry that happened to you. It could happen to any of us. The vet can be a scary place!

Look at Melon and my beautiful, perfect little babies. I am thankful for our good fortune even more, now.

Misty, we should all be thankful for our good fortune. And don’t worry: Woody may be missing part of her tail, but she’s brave and strong and she’ll be OK. But I guess we will start looking for another vet…

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God I love this thing!