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Mi Mi and Smokey try to protect the environment

Friends, the rats here at OC Dumbos really care about the environment.

Mi Mi and I are determined to do our share to promote sustainability!

That’s right Smokey! In fact, we’ve demanded that the boss switch to using “guilt free packaging” when ever possible.” Oh, look…

Here’s my first delivery! It’s called a “Peanut.” Now, let’s see…how do I open this thing?

Hmm, OK…it’s a little bit tough to open….kinda chewy, but I think if I bite it here.

Just a few more nibbles and…Yuck, this package tastes nasty! Who invented this, anyway?

“Mom! what are you eating?” “Isn’t that a cashew nut?” “Mommy, did that come in a biodegradable package?” “What about the environment?”

Don’t bother Mommy while she’s eating, kids!

I Guess it’s only “guilt free” if they don’t catch you, right Mi Mi?

Mi Mi and Smokey‘s litter was born on September 11th.  They will be ready to be adopted by people who already have reservations today on or after October 16th, 2019.  The moment we know what litter you will be assigned to, whether this or any future litter, you will immediately be sent an invitation to come pick out your babies. If we haven’t sent you an invitation yet, it’s because we don’t yet know which litter will be yours. Litter assignments occur about one week before they are ready to take home.  If you have a reservation, and don’t receive an invitation for this litter, don’t worry, because Blondie, Gem, Pumpkin, Skylar and Plum will also have babies available very soon!

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God I love this thing!