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Flash shows off to Skylar and his litter

Hi Everyone! I’m Flash

And I’m the world’s fastest rat!

I’m so fast, when I’m running, you can’t even see me. Blink your eyes, and I’m gone. Let me tell you…

Show us, daddy! Run fast, daddy! Please, show us! I wanna see you running, daddy. Yeah!

OK, here I go….

Woosh! Zoom! Zing!

“Fastest Rat in the World” huh? Then why does it take your kids so long to eat their lunch?

That’s because they aren’t connected to the “Speed Force.” You see, when I was struck by lightning…oh wait, in the TV reboot, there was a particle accelerator that…uh…

Oh, just shut up! Seriously, what an annoying rat…

Poor Flash…it’s tough being a Metarat in DC’s mixed up Universe..

Skylar and Flash’s litter was born on October 8th.  They will be ready to be adopted by people who already have reservations today on or after November 12nd, 2019.  The moment we know what litter you will be assigned to, whether this or any future litter, you will immediately be sent an invitation to come pick out your babies. If we haven’t sent you an invitation yet, it’s because we don’t yet know which litter will be yours. Litter assignments occur about one week before they are ready to take home.  If you have a reservation, and don’t receive an invitation for this litter, don’t worry, because Plum, Val, Sesame, Debbie, Dot, Sunny, Mindy and Muffin will also have babies available very soon!

NEW: you can now reserve tame, domesticated Roof Rat babies!

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And, while you are waiting, why not order a Handmade Hideaway or Hammock?

God I love this thing!