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Bandit and Debbie teach their babies to exercise

Hey everyone: Bandit here!

Exercising is good for your health.

Just a few minutes of vigorous aerobic workout every day can make a big difference!

Come on, Foby, you try it! Don’t be lazy!

How about some pushups, Bandit? Is this OK?

Well, it’s a start…

Hey, Debbie, I want to see you exercising, too: show our babies how it’s done!

Well, Okay. Here you go…

Hop…hop…hippity hop…

“Hippity hop?” Hey, are we half rabbit or something? Nope, I’m not doing that! Mom, seriously? I’m so embarrassed…

Wow, “exercise shamed” by my own litter. You’d think they’d show a little more respect, considering where their next meal is coming from, right?

Nevermind, Debbie, a lot of people really like rabbits!

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