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Roofy the Roof Rat is a movie star!

This morning, Roofy filmed a scene with Allison McAtee for a possible TV Series Pilot episode.

Allison McAtee and Roofy the roof rat!
Allison McAtee and Roofy prior to filming their scene together.

Allison and Roofy really bonded and they were great together! I could tell that Allison was an animal lover, because she was so sweet to Roofy. She is such a nice person and Roofy absolutely adored her!

Qiong getting Roofy ready for her big moment!

Everyone on the set was just awesome, and they made Roofy feel special. She loved it, and they loved her! When she was done filming, they all gave her a round of applause!

Roofy the roof rat movie star signed autograph
Roofy the roof rat wearing a fancy dress

So, how does it feel to be a star, Roofy? Well, we always knew that you were special…

Roofy the roof rat when she was a little baby

Just don’t forget where you came from, kiddo. 🙂

Roofy the roof rat giving Qiong a kiss

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