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Special Offer on Baby Rats 2 for for 1 sale

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If you want unique pets that will love only you for the rest of their life…

Act fast, because we have a special offer: 2 Roof Rat babies for the price of 1!

Roof rats are friendly, lovable, playful and devoted pets. Watch them in a live webcam

I love my Norway rats, but in my opinion my Roof Rats are nicer pets. Just look how friendly these little guys are, and how eager they are to interact with me…

Once your pet roof rats get to know you, they will generally love you more and form a stronger bond with you than a pet Norway rat would.

Look at how Peter Cottontail and his friends immediately come out and scamper up my arm. They sincerely love me and want to spend time with me.

Why doesn’t anyone else have Roof rats as pets? Because these are not normal Roof rats! We have selectively breed them for many generations to develop their friendly, tame and outgoing personalities. It wasn’t easy to do. It required a lot of patience and devotion. And we were lucky, because we started with some very tame individuals. Like Roofy

The result: friendly babies that will bond with you and love you forever.

And they can be yours. Today. Your new little friends are waiting for you, so fill out the form and get ready to take them home!

Special Offer: Get 2 Roof Rats for the price of one!

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And, don’t forget to order our Handmade Rat Pouches and Hammocks, so your babies will feel cozy and safe in their new homes!

I love my pouch soo much!