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Lambchop and Judy’s babies ask about Florida


Did you hear we were moving to Florida?

What? Moving to…Florida? Is that even farther than Riverside?

Oh, yeah, Fido. Florida is way farther than Riverside. It’s like…past Barstow, even!

You’re freaking me out, guys! Judy, are we really moving to Florida?

Yes, RJ, it’s true: we really are moving.

Mama, what’s in Florida? Why do we want to go there?

Well, kids, Florida is a very nice place! They have Disney world there, which is even bigger than Disneyland. And Harry Potter lives just next door! Right, Lambchop?

That’s right, kids! And they have Seaworld, too!

Right, mom! And, let’s not forget Gatorland! I can’t wait to see daddy wrestle an Alligator!

What? No! That is so not going to happen!

Come on, Fido, it sounds like fun!

Don’t worry, Fido, as long as the ‘gator has already eaten his lunch, you’ll be fine. Maybe.

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