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Peanut travels to her new Florida home

Hi I’m Peanut!

My human friends and I had the most amazing journey from Irvine, California to Kissimmee, Florida! I was in this cage most of the time, but sometimes they took me out to play a bit.

They had a lot of tasty food along the way, like “Texas Barbecue.”

I didn’t want that, so they gave me something much better…

It’s called a “pancake!” And, of course…

I had some nuts! We finally arrived in Florida.

Florida’s a “special place.” There’s something amazing in my new home…

It’s called a “swimming pool.” Big Sister said I could go swimming if I wanted.

Nah…I’m not really into that. But the toys were a lot of fun!

I sure do love all of the extra attention and fun in the Florida sun. This was the best trip ever! Check out this video diary of my journey from California to Florida!

My amazing adventure from California to Florida!

It was a great trip, and the entire OC Dumbos family (including all of our ratties) absolutely loves it here in Central Florida!

To avoid stressing out the mommies and babies, we had to pause breeding for a bit. However, we have several Roof Rat and Dumbo Rat litters on the way and they will be ready to be adopted by people who already have reservations late August or Early September.  If you have a reservation, you will be sent an invitation to come pick out your babies as soon as you are next on the list. If you do not live in Florida, please make sure to contact TLC Pet Transport and verify shipping is available for your location.

NEW: you can now reserve tame, domesticated Roof Rat babies!

Reserve baby Dumbo Eared rats online!

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And, don’t forget to order our Handmade Rat Pouches and Hammocks, so your babies will feel cozy and safe in their new homes!

rat in a pouch
I love my pouch soo much!