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Cinnamon’s babies visit a haunted house!

At OC Dumbos. we make a “haunted house” every year for the kiddies.

This year, Cinnamon is in charge. Hey, Dian Dian, are our babies going to the Haunted House this year?

I don’t know, Potato. Let me ask them: Hey, kids, do you want to go to Cinnamon’s Haunted House?

Haunted House? You mean, like Ghosts and stuff? That sounds scary…

Nope! Mommy, we don’t want to go to a “haunted house!”

Well, what about you, Bear? Are you going to the Haunted House with your and Cinnamon’s babies?

Haunted house? Noooo…Zombies are real! Cinnamon be careful!

Oh, you guys are so silly! Babies, come here, the Haunted House is ready. This is going to be fun!

We’re coming, Mommy! Yeah! Let’s see the Haunted House!

Go inside, Kids!

Yikes! There’s a monster in there!

OMG! I…think it used to be a rat.

Let’s get out of here!

Kids…come on, it’s just a toy! It can’t hurt—

Wait a minute! Did you hear something?

No, I didn’t hear anything.

What the…?? Did that thing just speak?

Hey! Who are you calling a “thing?”

Eeek! Babies, let’s hide until Christmas!

Hahahaha! Happy Halloween, everyone!

Good job, Cinnamon, that’s the most realistic Haunted House we’ve ever had at OC Dumbos!

Cinnamon and Bear’s babies meet Bandito the Roof Rat

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