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Lucy and Lassie’s babies elect the mayor of RatVille

Good evening, everyone!

Tonight we are hosting the final debate between our two candidates for Mayor of RatVille: Dogbert and Ratbert. My name is Jay, and I will be the debate moderator.

Ratbert, you are a scary Zombie, how do you respond to that?

I’m not a scary Zombie. I almost never eat people…uh, lately. And at least I’m a rat: Dobert is a Dog. He is not eligible to be Mayor of RatVille!

Dogbert, how do you respond to allegations that you are a Dog?

I’m not a dog. I’m a pony. You want a ride? Hop on!

This is fun!

Are you kidding me? Dogbert is a dog!

Hi, I’m Ice, the Independent Fact Checker.

Let’s have a look at you…

Yup, Dogbert’s a Pony!

And you…

…are a Scary Zombie! Time to vote, kiddies!

Lucy, you and your litter have an important decision to make…

Who wants to ride first?

Me me me!

Lassie, babies…fellow citizens of RatVille. Vote for me because I’m a rat like you…

And, because you’ll get free nuts!

Hey, make sure all the absentee ballots get counted, guys!

It was a tie! Ratbert and Dogbert got 1 Ratorial vote each.

The election will be decided by the Judge.

That was a fair and just result.

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