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Brownie and Zinger’s Christmas litters

Hi, everyone, I’m Brownie.

2020 has been such a long year, but the holidays are, finally, almost here.

And, for me, that means taking comfort in traditions…

Babies, what do the holidays mean to you?

Christmas Trees! Yay!

What about you, daddy? What do the holidays mean for you?

Chocolates, of course!

OMG! Biscuit, I can smell them through the package!

Don’t eat them all, Donut, or you’ll get fat!

Hey. Zinger, what do the Holiday’s mean to you?

Food, of course! Biscuit, just look at these yummy cakes…

You, too? Is cake all you think about?

Of course not! I also like chocolates!

Mama, you forgot the most important thing about the Holidays…

The Holidays mean Love and Family. We love you, Mommy!

The OC Dumbos family wish you and yours a Happy and Healthy Holiday!

Brownie and Donut’s and Zinger and Biscuit’s litter will be ready to be adopted on or after December 17th, 2020.  If you require shipping, you must contact TLC Pet Transport and verify shipping is available for your location prior to receiving an invitation from us.

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rat in a pouch
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