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Snowflake the pale gray baby Roof Rat

Meet Snowflake…

Mutant white colored Roof Rat
Mutant white colored Rattus rattus

She is the lightest colored Roof Rat we’ve ever bred. Her brother is nearly black…

White Rattus rattus with her black colored mother
White roof rat with her black colored mother

And so is her mom, Jill.

Pale gray Ship Rat mutation
Pale gray Rattus rattus mutation

Her father, Popeye is agouti with a white tipped tail so, where did Snowflake get her color?

Pale gray Roof Rat with her solid black mother
Pale gray Ship Rat with her solid black mother

Is she a mutant? Will her babies look like her? Time will tell!

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rat in a pouch
I love my pouch soo much!