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Free rat care and ownership training course

Hi Everyone!

Have you ever considered getting a pet Roof Rat?

Or just curious about Roof Rats?

Baby Roof Rat

Like what Roof Rats are like as babies.

Roof Rat extreme closeup

Or Roof Rats’ weird personality quirks!

Roof Rats in their hammock

Or what kinds of cages, hammocks and bedding are best for Roof Rats.

Roof Rats with their happy owner

And how to socialize and bond with Roof Rats.

How and what to feed Roof Rats…

Roof Rat hanging in mid-air

And teach Roof Rats tricks.

1ml syringe for measuring and giving medicine
1ml syringe for measuring and giving medicine

And care for Roof Rats when they are sick.

Roof Rat brushing his teeth

Hey, don’t forget teeth brushing!

Uh, no, that’s not in there…

Happy, healthy Roof Rat

But you can learn how to keep a pet Roof Rat happy and healthy for its entire life!

What do you think about that?

Roof Rat doing backflips!

OK! So, take our online course on rat care and ownership. Free for a limited time only.

…like watching television!

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel  to show your support for our rats!  If 1,000 people subscribe, we will be able to get some income from advertisements.

Why we only breed Roof rats.

Reserve domesticated Roof Rats!

And, don’t forget to order our Handmade Rat Pouches and Hammocks, so your babies will feel cozy and safe in their new homes!

rat in a pouch
I love my pouch soo much!