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The Rats have a St. Patrick’s Day party

It’s our annual St. Patrick’s Day party. And, what I’d like to know is…

Rat dressed like a leprechaun for st patrick's day

Where are the drinks?

Rat drinking Guinness

Look, Donut, they’ve got Guinness!

Rat looking disgusted

Beer, Bao Bao? Meh! I want a proper drink. I’ll have some Whiskey, please!

Rat drinking whiskey

That’s more like it!

Rat drinking beer

Be careful, Donut. Whiskey is pretty strong.

Rat drinking too much whiskey

Don’t be silly. I know what I’m doing…oh, wow…

Drunk rat

That’s pretty strong…

drunk, staggering rat

I feel kind of dizzy…

rats having a st patrick's day party

Peanut, why does the room keep spinning?

Angry rat

Because you’re drunk, dummy! You should go home and lay down.

drunk rat

I think you’re right but…

rat falling down drunk

I don’t think I can make it before I…

rat vomiting


two rat buddies

Bao Bao, please don’t tell anyone about this.

You know I won’t, buddy.

two rat buddies

I think I’ll stick with Guinness. In moderation.

Bao Bao, I think that’s a good idea!

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rat in a pouch
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Rat leprechaun gets a pot of gold