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Rat Adoption video playlist!

Thinking about adopting a Roof Rat, but not sure if they are right for you? Not sure if you want males, females, babies or adults? Or just curious to see what we have?

Then you need to check out our new Pet Adoption YouTube Video Playlist! Where you can find the latest videos of the rats we have available for adoption. If you see ones you like, email us and let us know you want them.

And, remember, rat adoptions are always available for free to good homes, and if you don’t see what you want, sign up now to to be first in line for future adults and babies!

If you would like to visit us and play with some of our rats, or even adopt some, please contact us!

Please forward this to anyone you know who would like a pet rat or just wants to play with some rats!

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel  to show your support for our rats!  If 1,000 people subscribe, we will be able to get some income from advertisements.

Would you like to have a pet roof rat? You can! Adoptions are free for responsible pet owners. Click here to reserve pet rats for free.

Take our free online course about Roof Rat care and ownership.

And, don’t forget to order our Handmade Rat Pouches and Hammocks, so your babies will feel cozy and safe in their new homes!

rat in a pouch
I love my pouch soo much!