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How Yucca schidigera protects your rat’s health

If you look at the list of ingredients, of commercial pet foods, including rat pellets, many will include Yucca schidigera.

This is an extract from a plant that grows wild in the deserts of Southwestern USA and Mexico. Research has shown that it helps animals utilize nitrogen more efficiently, and excrete less in their stool and urine.

This is beneficial for their health, as they don’t need to ingest as much protein in their diet to support normal growth and metabolism, their liver and kidneys don’t have to work as hard and they don’t produce as much ammonia.

As you know, ammonia is very bad for rats’ respiratory systems. So, we feed our Roof Rats lower protein lab blocks than Mazuri’s (which is 23%): Envigo Teklad Global 18% protein. Because Teklad’s lab blocks don’t include Yucca schidigera, we give it to them in their drinking water. It is safe for all rats, including pregnant, nursing and babies. They are healthier and smell better, too! 

Rat's Butt
Your rat’s cage won’t smell so bad!

By my calculation, you could add about 100mg of Yucca schidigera extract per liter of water. Hence, 1ml of this extract per 2 liters of water: ANIMAL ESSENTIALS YUCCA JOINT & DIGESTION HERBAL EXTRACT LIQUID FOR DOGS & CATS – 2 FL OZ

We have a lot of rats, so we actually use Micro-Aid 30

Want to see the science behind this? Here is links to some of the research regarding Yucca schidigera:

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