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Walter visits the vet for a check-up!

Walter has been sneezing and coughing a little bit lately, so I took him to the vet.

The Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando will see both Fancy and Roof Rats, and Dr. Shuflita worked well with Walter.

At first, Walter wasn’t too happy to be in a strange place, and when she tried to wrap him in a blanket to examine him, he complained loudly and lept to us. But the doctor found that she could easily examine him while he was sitting happily on our shoulder, so this was not a problem. We even managed to weigh him (265 grams.)

Walter getting examined
Walter getting an exam

Fortunately, Walter’s lungs and heart sounded excellent, he had no abdominal masses or tenderness, no visible discharges and the breathing sounds through his nose also sounded pretty good. Her diagnosis was that he might have a minor upper respiratory infection and/or possibly allergies. It was also possible that his recent sneezing and coughing could be due to the colder weather and lower humidity.

We discussed treatment options for Walter. While she was willing to write him a prescription for Doxy and Baytril, giving them by mouth would be very stressful for Walter (Baytril tastes terrible!), and might not be necessary given her findings. She suggested we try some immune system support, plus increase the temperature and humidity in his environment (my home office.)

She prescribed some DMG (N, N-Dimethylglycine.) I purchased some from her, and also found that Amazon sells it (for less money, of course.) I am also going to give him some Echinacea and Reishi extract.

DMG, Echinacea and Reishi extracts
DMG, Echinacea and Reishi extracts help support rat’s immune system

DMG on Amazon (kind of tasty, but not wonderful, 3 drops per day)

Echinacea on Amazon (tasty like candy, 1 drop per day, for alternate weeks.)

Reishi on Amazon (this one is bitter, so you may need to mix it with something, 1 drop per day)

I have also put a radiator heater (the oil filled kind, which is safest for him) and humidifier in his room, and monitor the temperature and humidity.

Dr. Shuflita said that Walter was healthy, friendly and well socialized. I can vouch for the first two, but obviously she’s never tried to eat around Walter if she thinks he’s “well socialized!” 🤣😍

But, anyway, it looks like Walter has another fan! If you are in Central Florida, we can recommend Exotic Animal Hospital in Orlando for your Fancy Rats and Roof Rats.

Dr. Shuflita Exotic Animal Hospital in Orlando will care for Roof Rats

Walter recently became a father and his babies will be available for adoption soon! Want to see Walter and his babies and maybe reserve some? Reserve a time for a video chat! Or contact us to visit in person!

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rat in a pouch
I love my pouch soo much!