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Warning: is a scam website!

Online fraud is real! Don’t get cheated: is a fraud!

I wanted to buy a shaver online. So, like I’ve done a thousand times before, I did a Google search.

And there it was: just what I was looking for, at a good price and free shipping!

Google search result showing scam website

So I clicked on it, and got this:

Fraud website, showing fake Walgreens address

Looks great, right? There was even an address, and it was for a Florida area Walgreens. Surely, that must be legit!

So entered my information and placed the order. Guess what?

I got scammed!

After I placed the order, I got curious, so I Googled the Walgreens shop, called and asked them about the timing and etc. They knew all about, and they told me they were not associated with that website. They advised me it was online fraud and there was nothing they could do to stop them.

Crap. So now what? Of course, I immediately called my credit card company and reported the fraud. At first, they claimed there was nothing they could do until the pending charge posted on my account. Here it still is, uses to process their fraudulent charges. And, of course, I had to cancel that credit card and request a replacement. It will take days to arrive!

Fraud charge from posted under the name

After I insisted multiple times, the credit card representative finally agreed to report the transaction to their fraud department. I have yet to hear back from them.

Who is

I don’t know, but this is their’s contact information. Do those email addresses look legitimate to you?

Our Location
  • 60 east 65th Street
  • New York City, USA
  • NQ 110256, San Fransisco
Our Numbers
Email Address

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