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Happy and Brave Rat with Mangled Paw has Love!

Latte was always a kind, friendly and gentle rat that loved everyone. Then, one day his cage mate attacked him for no reason, and mangled his paw and ear!

Latte’s paw was badly injured. Was he crippled for life?

His paw was very swollen and looked terrible, but after we nursed him back to health, we were very happy to see he could still use it! Rats are brave and adaptable animals and he never stops trying to do everything he used to do before his injury.

Latte is strong, brave and loves his life!

He now lives with Plum, another friendly and gentle rat. They are best friends and I can always see them cuddling together and gently grooming each other. Plum is especially kind to Latte because of his disability, and never tries to steal his food or boss him around. Latte has found love and happiness!

Can you adopt Latte and his best friend, Plum?

If you are interested in adopting these two frields, please let us know. They are both free to a good home!

Errol the roof rat

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