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OrangeFlo replaced our Heat Pump HVAC with an AC Only one

Mama rat nursing her babies

Hi fellow animal lovers. As you know, we are the only breeders of pet Roof Rats in North America.

We don’t charge money. They are always given for free to good homes to keep as beloved family pets.

Roof Rats were native to South Asia, and they prefer warm, humid weather. Babies and nursing mothers must be protected from the cold. Although Central Florida is warm most of the year, in the winter it can get very cold. We keep our house warm all winter to protect the Nursing mothers. This gets expensive, but our old HVAC had an efficient Heat Pump for heating, which saved electricity.

Here you can see that for the last 2 years our energy bill went up whenever it got cold. This was when we had an efficient Heat Pump HVAC.

For the last 2 years, our energy costs went up in the winter and down in the summer.

Our HVAC was 12 years old, and out of warranty. So, last month we asked OrangeFlo Construction Technologies, Florida license CAC 1815219, to give us an estimate for a new replacement that would be more energy efficient and save us money. They said they could offer us a comparable unit, with a slightly greater capacity and higher efficiency for a reasonable price. We put our trust in them and agreed to let them upgrade our HVAC. After they installed it, they told us that the thermostat wiring and settings didn’t need to be changed, as the new unit was exactly the same as the old one in that respect.

Unfortunately, when cold weather came, our HVAC started malfunctioning, and we were ungently warned by KUA that our energy consumption had more than tripled! It turns out that OrangeFlo had downgraded our Heat Pump HVAC to an AC only one, that was much less efficient for heating. Because the thermostat was set up for a heat pump, it was running the AC and resistive heating panel at the same time, using enormous amounts of electricity! We fixed the settings, but it is still using more electricity than our old HVAC for heating.

So, now, after paying OrangeFlo thousands of dollars, our HVAC actually has higher peak energy costs than before! We have asked OrangeFlo repeatedly to make this right, but they refuse. Other companies have told us that what they did was unethical, and they should have never replaced a Heat Pump HVAC with an AC only one without getting our explicate permission. They also told us that the difference in price would have been just a few hundred dollars. Nobody can understand why they did this, but it is clear that they won’t help us, now.

Our expenses caring for our rats are already very high. But we love them, and we are happy to do it. But, after spending so much money replacing the HVAC, we just cannot afford to fix the mistake that OrangeFlo made for which they refuse to accept any responsibility. Winter is coming soon, and I’m dreading how much more I will pay to heat my house now that we no longer have an efficient Heat Pump HVAC due to their mistake.

Can you please help us? Any donation, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated! If we cannot get enough to replace the HVAC, at least it will help us pay for heating and other rat expenses. Thank you in advance for your kindness!

We have a GoFundMe, but OrangeFlo is trying to take it down. In case it is no longer active, please contact us directly:

I want to be clear about something: I am not accusing OrangeFlo of breaking any laws. Or even “cheating” me. What happened to me is a cautionary tale:

Imagine if you found a lamp with a Genie who could only grant you one wish. So you said “I really miss my Mom. I wish you could bring her back to me.” “Your wish is my command!” And your mother appears in the room.

At first, everything seems fine and you are very happy. But then you notice that your mom is turning rotten and eating human flesh. So, you find the Genie and ask it “what’s going on?” And the Genie says “Your mother was already dead. You didn’t specify that she be alive, so I brought her back as a zombie.”

“What??? Nobody would want a zombie mother! The last time she was here, she was alive, and I assumed she would be alive when you brought her back here! I demand that you fix her!”

“Yes, I could do that, but that will cost you another wish. And you have no more wishes, sorry.”

My point is, HVAC companies are like Genies. Some Genies really care about their customers, and try their best to understand what they really want, ask a lot of questions and then grant them the best wish possible.

But other Genies are lazy, cynical or evil. They don’t really understand what you want or need, because they are too stupid, don’t care or maybe really want to cheat you. They may technically grant your “wish”, but you may not be happy with the result. And you only get one wish, so even if you aren’t happy, you still have to live with it.

Which kind of Genie would you want to do business with? The Genie that asks a lot of questions and gives you what you really truly wanted, or the Genie that just gives you what it can technically get away with, even if it doesn’t make you happy?

Errol the roof rat

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