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As seen on Facebook and Reddit: America’s first breeder of Domesticated Pet Roof Rats.

Read about the Domestication of Roof Rats (Rattus rattus.) Roof rat adoptions are freeWe do not have any Dumbo rats or Fancy Rats. We are located in Central Florida, near Disney World in Orlando.  Our roof rats are Huge Disney Fans which is why we moved here from Orange County, CA. We also make handcrafted hammocks and pouches for rats and other rodents. 

We love Roof Rats.  Why?  Because they are just so easy to love!

  1. Rattus Rattus, also called “Roof Rats” and “Ship Rats” are a rat species found in warmer, coastal areas such as Florida.  After several generations of careful breeding, we have created a line of tame Roof rats that make friendly, fun and loving pets!
  2. Rats are social animals, and rarely bite.   Of all the small animals, ratsare the least likely to bite, and Roof Rats are a very gentle type of rat, hence make better pets for children than hamsters or mice.
  3. Some pet store rats can be sickly or unfriendly if  they are raised in unclean conditions, handled indifferently, and never played with or shown love. Our ratties are VERY clean and healthy, and we play with them every day!
  4. Roof Rats are the perfect pet for busy people or folks without much space. They will lick you and snuggle with you just like a tiny puppy. They can learn tricks, will come when called and males, especially, are happy to hang out on your lap or shoulder while you go about your day.
  5. Roof Rats are hardy and easy to care for. All they require is food, water, and a rat cage with clean litter. They usually live for several years, and remain friendly and playful their whole lives. Leaving them at home during a short vacation is fine: unlike dogs, they store extra food and eat it when they need to, rather than gobbling it all up.
  6. Rat food is inexpensive and can be bought in bulk. Also, a fun thing about rats is that they are happy to try anything that you would eat. So, if you have a nut you don’t want, no problem: the rat is happy to oblige! Special treats are a great way to train them to come when called or other tricks.
  7. Roof Rats are social animals, so they think of you as a friend and not a threat. You are basically a big, alpha rat to them! And, like other pack animals, they love and respect their alphas. Just think: your little pet will think of you as his or her leader and best friend for the rest of his life.
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