Shipping Rats – 3 options for you

1. Vacation in Orlando for $136 and bring home a pet!

Water's Edge Cottage in Margaritaville Orlando Resort
Enjoy a nice lakeside view from your private balcony

You read that right: if you need to travel to Orlando to adopt rats from us, you can stay overnight in a Margaritaville Orlando Cottage for only $136!

Many airlines will allow you to bring rat cages with you in the cabin. Alaska Airlines only charges $100 for pet carriers that can fit under your seat.

Your pet rats are welcome to stay with you overnight in the cottage (in their cage, of course.)

You can bring your own carrier cage with you, or purchase one from us. If you are flying, we recommend using a Taconic’s transit cage. They are $50 plus tax, and come with a gel pack that provides food and water during transit. You can ship several rats per cage, depending on the age. If you are driving, we comment using a Kritter Keeper. A small is $12 (good for an adult or several babies) and a large is $25 (good for 2-3 adults or a mama rat and some babies.) We also recommend purchasing a DietGel from us for $5 to ensure they don’t get hungry or thirsty during the trip.

2. Hippity Hop Express if you live on or near the East Coast

Kritter Keeper
Kritter Keeper

If you happen live along their route, Hippity Hop Express can deliver your pet rats. They charge $25 to ship a small Kritter Keeper of rats (big enough for a few babies) and $50 to ship a large Kritter Keeper (big enough for 2-3 adults or a mama and a few of her babies.) You can either pay us to get a Kritter Keeper for you, or send us one. We will also put at least 1 DietGel in the Kitter Keeper, to make sure they don’t get too hungry or thirsty during the trip. They cost $5 each.

If you chose to use Hippity Hop Express, you will need to contact them and reserve a spot and arrange payment. We will not charge you for the rats, but we will charge a nominal $5 fee to select them by video conference, get them ready for transport and hand them off to Hippity Hop.

3. Shipping our rats to your hometown by live cargo

Rat may not be to scale

Alaska Airlines will ship rats from Orlando to many cities throughout the USA for about $200-300 per cage. depending on the destination.

We use Taconic’s transit cages, which are $50 plus tax. They come with a gel pack that provides food and water during transit. You can ship several rats per cage, depending on the age.

If you decide to have your rats shipped, you will need to contact Alaska airlines, reserve a shipping date and pay their applicable fees.

Note: We do not charge anything for adoptions, but we do charge a nominal fee of $5 to select your rats by video conference, make your rats ready for transport, and bring them to the Alaska airline’s airport drop-off location.

Picking out your rats by video conference prior to shipment

Cute baby rat!
Smile for the camera!

If you will have your rats delivered to you, you have the option to pick out your rats by live video conference. We have a walk-in cage where the rats will be free to run and play, and interact with us. You will be able to evaluate their appearance, health, and behaviour and decide which ones you prefer. We will then take videos and photos, which we will send to you prior to shipment, so you can get ready for the arrival of your new little friends!