Do rats like to be stroked or petted? Can I pet my rat?

Yes!  Rats are very social animals, and show friendship and love by reciprocal grooming and cuddling together for companionship.

So, your pet rats will definitely welcome and enjoy anything that feels like grooming if they are calm enough to hold still receive it.  This is a great way to bond with your pet rat.  Don’t be surprised if your rat tries to groom you, too!

Most rats enjoy face rubs.  This guy loves it so much, he makes a cute “licky face!”

Here’s more examples of rat face and belly rubbing:

And here we demonstrate how to stroke the top of the head, back and ears, just like you would a puppy:

And, finally, here are some examples of rats socially grooming me!  A rat grooming my face and hair:

Some baby rats grooming the hairs off my arm and hand (pretty pushy little rascals!)

And, last but not least, this little fellow decided to poke his head in my mouth and groom my teeth!