Do you EVER sell ANY feeder rats (I.E. for snakes to eat?)

No, we never, ever sell any “feeder rats.”  We only sell rats for pets, period.

And, in case you are curious, that means we also won’t sell you “breeding pairs” so you can grow your own “feeder rats” (and, yes, people have asked us.)

Yes, I understand that other animals need to eat, too, and some of them like to eat baby rats or mice.  We don’t hate those animals, and we don’t blame you for wanting to own one.  Humans eat other animals, too.  But you will need to purchase food for them from a different breeder, because we won’t sell you any.

We personally know and love every single one of our rats, including our babies, and it would be like feeding our daughter to a lion.  I hope you can understand and respect our wishes.  Please don’t ask us about this, even (especially not) as a joke.

This includes Roof rats and Wood rats, by the way.