What is a big-eared woodrat (Neotoma macrotis?)

Woody and Snoopy are both Big-Eared Woodrats (Neotoma macrotis.)

They are the native “rat” species of Southern California.  I put “rat” in quotes, because they are actually more closely related to Hamsters than “old world” rats, like Norway Rats and Roof Rats!

In fact, Chinchilla or Rabbit food is better for them than Rat food, and they also eat Hay, Grass, leaves and other forage.  However, like rats, they will eat grains, seeds, nuts, berries and other fruits.  Woody and Snoopy’s favorite treats are mealworms (which we hand feed them when it’s playtime!)

Also, they like taking Dust Baths like Hamsters or Chinchillas.  Have a look at Snoopy taking a dust bath!

Here are some more videos of Woody and Snoopy playing and generally being cute!

Woody, the woodrat ignores pesky Snoopy to get her neck massaged

Woodrats playing and taking a dust bath

Snoopy the big eared woodrat
Snoopy the big eared woodrat