What is “Free Ranging?” How can I let my rat Free Range?

Free Ranging is where you let your rat explore on it’s own outside of it’s cage.  Free Ranging can be a lot of fun for both you and your rats, as long as your rat is well behaved and the Free Ranging area is “rat safe.”

  • If your rat likes chewing on things it shouldn’t, make sure the Free Ranging area has nothing dangerous or valuable that it can chew on.
  • If the rat is nervous and likes hiding, make sure the area doesn’t have any places that it can get into and hide, or gaps under the door where it can escape.
  • A cage with an open door, hammock, food and water will be the rat’s “safe place” that it can return to throughout the day.
  • If possible, teach your rat to come when you call it’s name.  That will make it easier to find and retrieve.
  • Practice putting your rat down and picking it up, so you are confident that you can collect your rat when it is time to go home or to keep it safe.